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E book under: Mystery/Suspense Ebook 
Tags: Veronica Roth 

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Divergent Series (Veronica Roth) - Veronica Roth

Seeds: 40
Peers: 4
Completed Downloads: 717
File Size: 5.12 MBs

E book under: History Ebook 
Tags: World Order,Henry Kissinger 

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World Order - Henry Kissinger

Seeds: 70
Peers: 9
Completed Downloads: 245
File Size: 1.09 MBs

E book under: Novel 
Tags: Gayle Forman,John Green, Lois Lowry 

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TOP 50 USA TODAY's Best-Selling Books,2014 - others

Seeds: 44
Peers: 5
Completed Downloads: 529
File Size: 47.25 MBs

E book under: Other 
Tags: Bestsellers 

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Best-Selling Books 04-20-14 - Various

Seeds: 72
Peers: 4
Completed Downloads: 402
File Size: 90.74 MBs

E book under: Romance Ebooks 
Tags: Kiera Cass  The Elite  the Selection series 

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Kiera Cass The Elite (The second book in the Selection series) .pdf - Kiera Cass

Seeds: 72
Peers: 3
Completed Downloads: 162
File Size: 1.11 MBs

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